Eggs by Type or Benefit

Nutrient Enriched Eggs

Nutrient enriched eggs provide all the health benefits of traditional eggs, plus additional benefits that come from adding vitamins or other select nutrients to the egg. This is done by enriching the feed fed to the hens. For example, flax seed is an excellent source of DHA omega-3 fatty acids. Adding it to the hens’ feed leads the hen to lay omega-3 enriched eggs.

Nutrient enriched eggs contribute to your daily intake of the selected nutrient and should be part of a balanced diet. They are not – and should not – be the sole source of any nutrient in your diet. For the best nutrition advice, talk to a health care professional.

Which nutrient or health benefit is important for you?

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Unconventional Farm Eggs

Hens can be raised in different type of barns or be fed organic feed. This doesn’t change the nutrition of the egg, but it could be a factor for you when choosing your eggs.

What type of egg farm do you prefer your eggs come from?

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Egg Whites Only (Liquid)

100% egg whites. Cholesterol and fat free. No cracking or separating required.

We Recommend:

Just Egg Whites


Just Egg Whites
Free Run Egg Whites


Free Run Egg Whites
Foodland Ontario
EQA: A Mark of Excellence
The EQA (Egg Quality Assurance) mark on your GoldEgg carton certifies that your eggs come from Canadian farms that have met the highest quality and food safety production standards, as set by the Egg Farmers of Canada.